Our House by Louise Candlish


Release Date: August 7, 2018

Fiona Lawson arrives in South London to find moving trucks and strangers moving into her house. She immediately tries to contact her estranged husband, Bram, but his phone has been disconnected. Perplexed after her short vacation, Fiona is forced to investigate these strange events.  She quickly discovers that Bram is missing and her name was forged to facilitate the sale of her home.

Fi decided to end her marriage after repeated indiscretions by her husband. Their split was amicable and they decided to co-parent their two boys while maintaining their house. Given their past, Fiona lacks a clear motive for Bram’s actions. She decides to dig deeper into his past to unlock clues about his disappearance.

This was a twisty novel by Louise Candlish which is presented with alternating points of view from each spouse. This leads the reader along a mysterious path which unveils some shocking truths. Our House kept me engaged well past my bedtime!

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