Somebody’s Daughter by David Bell


Release Date: July 10, 2018

Michael and Angela Frazier are happily married and are desperate for a baby after years of failure. One evening, Michael’s ex-wife, Erica, appears at their door unannounced. This is a big surprise since the two have not been in touch for many years. She is in a frantic state after the disappearance of her ten-year-old daughter Felicity.  Erica gets Michael to help her investigate after revealing that Felicity is his child.

Erica believes that Felicity’s music teacher is involved in the abduction and knows where to find her daughter.  She needs Michael’s assistance for her planned interrogation. Together they seek to solve the mystery despite the efforts of detectives already working on the case.  At the same time, Angela learns information about Erica that has her concerned about her husband’s safety.

This is a delightfully suspenseful book with major twists and turns. David Bell owes me a night’s sleep back after making me stay up for the conclusion.  I look forward to more novels from him.

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