Introducing Suzy Approved Book Tours


I am currently expanding the scope of my page from blogger to an organizer of book tours. I have made many connections as the host of ”Suzy Approved Book Reviews” and I would like to share this community with others.  My goal is to provide my clients with a platform that creates noise across multiple forms of media. I want this message to be loud and to continue beyond the initial book release.

Wonderful book reviews by bloggers, pages and groups showcasing your next book to read 👉

Current Tours: 

“Silver Goodbye” by John H. Cunningham

“Bedside Manners” by Heather Frimmer

“Unbroken Threads” by Jennifer Klepper


Links to Suzy’s Tours across Social Media:




Please join me in following the reviews as we introduce these great authors, books, bloggers, and pages !

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