Good Luck With That by Kristan Higgins


Release Date: August 8, 2018

Three girls, Emerson, Georgia, and Marley, meet and develop a lifelong friendship while attending a weight loss camp in their teens. Now in their thirties, Emerson passes away due to complications from obesity and leaves behind a “to do” list for her friends.   Many ideas for the list were created years ago at camp and they contain inspirational goals to accomplish after they become skinny.

Neither Georgia or Marley have ever been thin but they want to honor their friend’s memory. Georgia lives with regret over her behavior during a failed marriage. She has always lived with the notion that her size is something that makes her unlovable. Marley had a twin sister who passed away when she was four years old. She carries the burden of guilt over her sister who was the weaker, frailer twin. As both work through the list, they end up addressing their past and the type of relationships that they will accept in the future.

“Good Luck With That” is a glimpse into how body image can play a role in one’s outlook. It can weaken confidence and handicap relationships if friends and family can’t provide support.  This story was a unique way of addressing a common issue for women.

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  1. Kristan Higgins was kind enough to critique the first 30 pages of my memoir, back when I was starting it, and it was incredibly helpful. That was as a result of the CTRWA FictionFest held annually (September) in Norwalk. Open to any genre. You ought to speak there next year, Suzy 🙂

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