Book Spotlight: Kill For Me by Tom Wood


Release Date: November 6, 2018

Tom Wood delivers the eighth installment in his explosive, international bestselling Victor series. In KILL FOR ME (Berkley Mass Market Original), ruthless assassin Victor takes on another lethal assignment―but this time, he’s not the only hitman on the job.

Wood’s Victor series is perfect for fans of Lee Child and Robert Ludlum, and readers of Mark Greaney’s Gray Man novels. Victor is the nefarious anti-hero that captivates readers again and again as he takes on one daring mission after the next.

KILL FOR ME finds cunning hitman Victor in Guatemala, where he’s caught in the crosshairs of a bloody cartel war. Sisters Heloise and Maria Salvatierra are its commanders―fighting on opposite sides of the battle. Heloise will do anything it takes to eliminate her opposing heir to the cartel throne, and so she hires Victor to remove Maria from her seat of power.

But Victor’s job becomes much more difficult when a target is placed on his back―and another hitman enters the scene. Victor either must kill or be killed as enemies are closing in on all sides….

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