The Au Pair by Emma Rous

D4F13B48-1A17-4883-B05A-417071603E93.jpegRelease Date: January 8, 2019

Seraphine returns to her family’s home after her father’s funeral. She is joined by her twin brother Danny and her older brother Edwin. While cleaning up her father’s possessions, she discovers an old photograph that raises some troubling questions. The photo is dated from the twins’ birth but their mother is only holding one baby. Which child is her mother holding and why aren’t both babies in the photo?

The photo also shows her mother very happy and proud yet that is the same day she committed suicide. Seraphine decides to pursue the irregularities surrounding the photo and her mother’s death. She starts her search by contacting her former nanny who snapped the photograph.

This is a debut novel by Emma Rous. The story is told from two points of view referencing the past and present. The Au Pair was a suspenseful and well-paced story with engaging family dynamics.

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