The Goodbye Cafe by Mariah Stewart


Release Date: March 26, 2019

The Hudson sisters live in Hidden Falls, Pennsylvania and are currently renovating their family’s theatre. In order to collect an inheritance from their father’s estate, they are required to work together until these renovations are completed.  When Allie, Des, and Cara first relocated to their father’s hometown, their aunt gave them a place to stay. Two of the sisters settled into a routine over the past year with Des and Cara involved in strong relationships. Allie is the only sister resisting the change and is still living with her aunt. She came to Hidden Falls with a strong desire to return to her Los Angeles lifestyle and to be closer to her daughter.

While the final improvements are taking place, Allie finds herself managing the local cafe that her aunt recently purchased.  The small town feeling starts to grow on her as she starts to connect with her neighbors. Soon she will have to make some important decisions about her future when the project is completed and she finally receives her inheritance.

The Goodbye Cafe is the third novel in Mariah Stewart’s Hudson Sisters series. ttTThis novel can be read as a stand- alone story but I recommend that readers learn the backstories from the previous editions. I enjoyed this series and anticipate a spin-off in the future.

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