Tiny Hot Dogs – A Memoir In Small Bites by Mary Giuliani


Release Date: April 9, 2019


This is the memoir about Mary Giuliani who is a successful caterer and event planner from Long Island. She recounts her life growing up with a loving Italian family inside a predominantly Jewish neighborhood.  She quickly blended into the local flow while attending Hebrew school despite her Catholic roots. After attending college, her goal was to be an actress but in the interim landed a job as a caterer to pay her bills. This story explores how her dreams of acting got pushed to the side as her catering career flourished.  Along the way she deals with marriage, demanding clients, infertility, and memorable celebrity encounters.

Tiny Hot Dogs is engaging story about Mary Giuliani embarking on the catering business and all the life lessons she learned along the way. I enjoyed this book and suggest that readers attend one of her engaging books signings. Mary is a really funny and delightful person.

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