The Network by L.C. Shaw


Release Date: December 17, 2019

Investigative journalist Jack Logan is contacted by a United States Senator for a meeting. It’s been a while since they last talked and the Senator is behaving irrationally. The senator foresees his own assassination and is seeking help for himself and his wife, Tracy.  Jack is left with a sealed envelope to be opened upon the senator’s his death.

Shortly after Senator Phillips’ death, Jack rushes to protect Tracy. He is unsure how she will react because they were once lovers. They make a quick escape using clues from the senator’s envelope. Their goal is to get to safety while figuring out why the senator was killed. Together they begin to unravel a global network of conspiracy with very dark motives.

This book by L. C. Shaw is a mixture of thriller and suspense. I enjoyed this action-packed novel that kept me guessing, and I look forward to a sequel.

3 thoughts on “The Network by L.C. Shaw

  1. Suzy, this certainly sounds like a book with a lot of suspense involved. I would love to read it.


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