The Whisper Man by Alex North


Release Date: 8/20/2019

Tom Kennedy, a grieving widower, believes a fresh start is just what he and his son Jake need. The town of Featherbank holds promise for Jake, a sensitive and creative child still struggling with discovering his mother’s body. However as tranquil Featherbank seems now, it holds a dark past. Twenty years earlier a serial killer terrorized the town – abducting and murdering children after luring them from their homes by whispering at their windows. The Whisper Man was caught, but people have never forgotten Frank Carter’s heinous crimes.

And now a new threat has arisen. Just before Tom and Jake move in, another little boy went missing. Detectives Pete Willis and Amanda Beck must revisit Carter’s crimes and work tirelessly to save Neil Spencer. This means Pete will have to revisit the man who has haunted him the past twenty years in the hope he will slip up and reveal an accomplice. To make matters worse, Jake has been acting oddly and hearing things that don’t seem to be there. One night Jake wakes Tom because he heard a voice whispering at his window.

The Whisper Man by Alex North, a British crime writer from Leeds, England, is an unsettling and absorbing story that you won’t be able to put down. The characters and storyline are compelling and complex. This thriller will give you chills and surprise you at every turn – a perfect storm of mystery and suspense.


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