What Is Missing by Michael Frank


Release Date: Oct. 8, 2019 

Andrew Weissman, a senior in high school, is traveling with his father to a medical conference in Florence, Italy. Henry Weissman is a divorced physician specializing in infertility who lives in New York City. While Andrew is out jogging one morning, he meets Constanza who is widowed and lives in Manhattan. Andrew introduces her to his father.

Three months later, Henry and Costanza’s relationship is developing at a rapid pace. Costanza is still grieving the loss of her husband and is aware that her window to motherhood is closing as she approaches forty years old. Henry has been alone for many years and welcomes Costanza into his life and his home.  They begin to explore their lives together against the backdrop of extended family and responsibilities. This quickly developing relationship must survive revelations which have remained in secret for many years.  

What Is Missing is a debut novel by Michael Frank about the importance of honesty and relationships.  Time has a way of revealing truths and it’s best to share the good with the bad. For those who enjoy the story, I encourage you to consider the author’s memoir.