The Last Affair by Margot Hunt


Release Date: Nov. 26, 2019

Gwen Landon is tired of being a homemaker and wishes that she could rewrite her past. Planning for the day that her youngest attends college, she will embark on the life she has only dreamed about. Although her marriage to Josh has become stale, she is biding her time in it due to social status and appearances. She is a narcissist, who calls the shots in her home, community, and in her marriage. Gwen’s plans take a hit when she suspects that her husband is having an affair and she becomes emotionally unhinged.

Nora Holliday was not looking to have an affair, just the courage to leave her unhappy marriage. She waits in fear of a relapse of her husband’s addiction to drinking and gambling. Nora never expected her initial contact with a married man would lead to heartfelt communications and secret rendezvous. 

When Gwen is found dead in her backyard many suspects are revealed as the story goes back in time. The Last Affair by Margot Hunt focuses on murder but also touches on midlife crisis and stale marriages.  This book reflects the saying, “ You never know what is going on behind closed doors.”