In Five Years by Rebecca Serle


Release Date: March 3, 2020

Dannie Kohan has always been a planner and manages her life with long-ranging aspirations. One goal was met when she got engaged to her long-term boyfriend, David, after living together in New York City.  Another goal is on the horizon after interviewing for a position at a prestigious law firm. This job is in line with her career ambitions as an attorney. Among her long term goals are to buy an apartment and eventually have children.

Dannie becomes unsettled after having a dream that takes place five years into the future. In her dream, she lives in a Brooklyn apartment with an unknown man named Aaron. Every detail from this dream feels so genuine including a different engagement ring. She constantly thinks about this scenario as she contemplates her future wedding date. 

In Five Years by Rebecca Searle is a thought-provoking book about love, friendship, and relationships. This heartfelt and absorbing novel will lead readers through an emotional journey. 

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