When We Were Vikings by Andrew David MacDonald


Release Date: 1/28/20

Zelda is twenty-one years old and was born with fetal alcohol syndrome.  She is high functioning with her learning disability and relies on repetition to learn her tasks.  She lives a simple life and maintains a constant routine to reduce anxiety. Zelda is friendly and attends community classes where she learns life skills such as basic finance and social interaction. She is also obsessed with Vikings and uses their rituals as guidance in her life. 

Zelda lives with her older brother, Gert, who has been responsible for them since their mother died.  He has been attending a local college on a scholarship and their finances are stretched. To make extra money, Gert becomes involved with a group of dangerous individuals. When Zelda finds out about her brother’s affairs their relationship is tested and her inner Viking awakens.

When We Were Vikings is a debut novel by Andrew David MacDonald. It is a book about family, love, and issues surrounding  families with disabilities. The book, narrated in the voice of Zelda, projects with honesty and strength.  

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