You Were There Too by Colleen Oakley


Release Date: January 7, 2020

For years Mia has had dreams involving a man that she has never met. These recurring visions seem so real yet she has never shared their existence with anyone.  She recently moved to a small town in Pennsylvania where her husband Harrison is a surgeon. He has a demanding schedule and Mia tries to occupy her time painting and looking for a crafty job. Together they dream of building a family but several miscarriages have put stress on their relationship. 

While shopping with her husband, Mia sees the man who lives in her dreams. His name is Oliver, and his sister is Harrison’s patient. It turns out the Oliver has had parallel dreams connecting him to Mia. Together they try to unravel the mystery of this connection while deciphering the significance and truth of these visions.

 Colleen Oakley’s novel touches upon the joyful and complicated aspects of life and love. The characters are portrayed as complicated and relatable as they forge through decisions about the future. I anticipate more unique books by this author.

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