Creatures by Crissy Van Meter


Release Date: January 7, 2020

Evie is worried about her fiance who is late returning from his trip at sea. Liam is employed as a fisherman and spends weeks at a time outside of port. While Evie waits for her upcoming wedding day she reflects back on her dysfunctional childhood and her trust issues with long term relationships.  Her parents were both negligent and Evie was forced to raise herself while building an emotional wall to keep out the pain. 

Evie’s mother left her family while she was a young child. Her visits were infrequent and she would become inaccessible for months at a time. Her father was an alcoholic who made cash selling marijuana to seasonal tourists.  Together they were often homeless or living with friends because he could not keep a steady job. As the date of the wedding approaches, Evie is forced to spend time with her mother which unleashes her suppressed issues.   

This is a unique debut novel by Crissy Van Meter. It is beautiful yet also dark and complex. I am interested in seeing what this author will be writing next.

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