Followers by Megan Angelo


Release Date: January 14, 2020

In 2015, Orla Cadden struggles to pursue her aspiration of becoming a writer while she works as a gossip writer for a New York City magazine. Her days are spent following the frivolous activities of movie-stars and society’s big shots. Orla is stuck on the outside of celebrity until her new roommate – the boisterous and ambitious Floss Natuzzi – hatches a plan to that will bring them both into the limelight. However, neither of these women realize how fame will shape their lives, or how high on the social ladder they will climb.

In 2051, Marlow is under constant observation: she lives in Constellation, California, the city for stars. Marlow wakes up every day to her twelve million followers and her corporate sponsors from the Network. Despite her huge following, Marlow feels trapped and wonders what her life would be like without sharing every moment. After an upsetting discovery about her family history, Marlow will find out what that life could be.

A look into the possible dark future of social media, Followers by Megan Angelo weaves a narrative through time about three women and a catastrophic social media event. Through it all, this book shows that no matter how much emphasis we place on our electronic world, the most important type of connection is between real human beings.