Death In The Family by Tessa Wegert


Release Date: February 18, 2020 

Shana Merchant was abducted by a serial killer while working on a murder case in New York City.  After her escape, she decides to continue her work as a detective but relocates with her fiance to upstate New York. She is hoping the crime work there proves to be less stressful and further her recovery from the trauma. 

Shana and her partner, Tim, receive a call from the wealthy Sinclair family about the disappearance of Jasper Sinclair.  Because of an impending storm, they rush to the family estate to question the family and staff. Upon arrival, they find a considerable amount of blood in Jasper’s bed.  Shana now believes this to be a murder and must figure out who is responsible.

Death In The Family is a debut novel by Tessa Weigert. It is filled with interesting characters, suspense, mystery, and family dysfunction. I loved how the author weaved the protagonist’s prior experiences into the current mystery. I am excited that another book in the series is slated for next year.