This Won’t End Well by Camille Pagan


Release Date: February 25, 2020

Annie Mercer recently lost her job as a chemist because she was not getting along with her boss who repeatedly made unwanted advances. He had a great reputation and Annie feared to disclose his behavior to his superiors.  Also, due to a non compete clause in her contract, she cannot work in a chemical-related field. With her career in shambles, Annie tries to find solace with her fiance, Jon.  

Jon begins to act strangely and decides to take an impromptu trip to Paris.  While away, he notifies her that he is figuring out his life and does not want her to contact him for a month. Annie is hurt and confused by her fiance’s actions and gets no replies from her emails. She begins to wonder how her life might have been if she was more resilient and took different actions in her past.  Annie decides she needs to move forward by starting a house cleaning company where she can slowly begin to repair her career and social life. 

”This Won’t End Well” by Camille Pagan is about perseverance and not letting short term failures dictate your future. There is always time to reinvent yourself if you take the time to learn from your mistakes. I enjoyed the unique format of the story which included texts, emails, and diary entries.