The Antidote For Everything by Kimmery Martin


Release Date: February 18, 2020 

Dr. Georgia Brown is as vibrant as her fiery hair. A smart, witty, and tenacious urologist, Georgia is full of life despite her love life being somewhat lackluster. She works at a clinic outside of Charleston, South Carolina, with her closest companion being her coworker, family medicine doctor Jonah Tsukada. Georgia and Jonah are as tight-knit as they come, but Georgia has to head out to a medical conference without him

While Georgia is whisked up by the beauty of Europe and a magnetic ex-pat American called Mark, Jonah receives jarring news at work. His patients have been told to find a new doctor, and his LGBTQ+ patients are being denied care. The clinic intends not only to deny medical care to these patients but to enforce their morality clause, putting Jonah, a gay man, in the line of fire. Upon hearing this news, Georgia vows to fight for her friend and closest ally. However, amidst this battle for what’s right many people are harmed and dark secrets are unearthed.

Kimmery Martin, an emergency medicine doctor and author of The Queen of Hearts, delivers a captivating and provocative novel of friendship, difficult choices, and the intolerance still happening today. This story is both thought-provoking and heartwarming. It handles sensitive and timely topics such as medical discrimination, equality, and mental health while balancing them with love, friendship, and loyalty.

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