The Wife Stalker by Liv Constantine


Release Date: May 19, 2020

Piper Reynard decides to leave California behind for Westport, Connecticut in an attempt to recreate herself.  She establishes a wellness center and quickly finds success. It is there that she meets Leo Drakos who is investigating a client. She is immediately attracted to him but notices that he is wearing a wedding ring. 

Leo has been suffering from depression and his wife Joanna is happy that the man that she loves is returning to his former self. He is reconnecting with their two young children and he is ready to resume his career as a prominent lawyer. What Joanna didn’t expect was for Leo to develop a friendship with Piper during one visit. She soon finds out that they have been meeting regularly and there are signs of a romantic interest. Joanna will do anything to keep Leo and her prominent role in the family.

The Wife Stalker is the third novel by the sister writing team Liv Constantine. This psychological thriller is very well crafted and the twisty plot will keep readers on edge. On a personal note, I know these authors and have a hard time reconciling how these two kind women write crazy evil stories. 


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