The Ruby Of The Sea by Peggy Lampman


Release Date: February 5, 2020 

The Chandler family has lived in Key West for over 30 years in a 19th-century lighthouse with a dark history, the Maiden Tower. The youngest of three sisters, Ivy is a turbulent artist who hides away at the top of the tower battling unknown demons while her parents run a bed and breakfast below. Her older twin sisters, Linnea and Delphina, have grown apart over the past 15 years as Delphina settled in Key West and Linnea drifted across the country.  

Each sister hides secrets from the others – a love affair, the origin of a phobia, and a serious mental illness – which are gradually revealed. Throughout it, all the sisters struggle with their conflicting emotions and familial ties. The dysfunctional relationships come to a head as a powerful storm drives the Chandlers from their home. When the unimaginable happens to their family, will the sisters move forward despite tragedy?

Peggy Lampman, the best-selling author of The Promise Kitchen, delivers a vivid depiction of Key West and difficult family dynamics. Each sister brings a powerful and provoking voice to the novel. The idyllic setting is the perfect backdrop for the dramatic, romantic, and painful story of three sisters. 

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