Hannah’s War by Jan Eliasberg


Release Date: March 3, 2020

As a female Jewish scientist under the Third Reich, Dr. Hannah Weiss struggled personally and professionally with her ideas belittled, stolen, and twisted. On the verge of a major breakthrough in atomic physics, in 1938 she was driven out of Berlin as she became increasingly aware of the true nature of the new regime. Dr. Hannah Weiss, a brilliant Austrian physicist, immigrated to the United States to work on the Manhattan Project under Dr. Oppenheimer. Their task at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico was to finish first in the global race to split the atom. As with many discoveries, Hannah realizes she can contribute to changing the world – either for peace or for war. Does she really know which side she’s on?

Jack Delaney arrives in New Mexico in 1945 on a mission after the liberation of Paris leaves him wounded. He’s tasked with flushing out a spy in the nuclear lab who has been sending encrypted messages to German scientists. Jack’s top suspect is Hannah Weiss after a series of encoded postcards are found in her possession. Through several days of interrogation, Jack learns of Hannah’s complicated relationships with her colleagues at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute and of her certain charm.

Jan Eliasberg delivers a compelling tale of historical fiction in her first novel. During a complex moment in America’s history, this story touches on the difficulties Jewish immigrants faced when coming to America and the future era of the Red Scare. Combining war-time fiction, mystery, and a complicated romance, Hannah’s War takes a look into the ethics of science in a tense time of history.

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