The Closer You Get by Mary Torjussen


Release Date: April 21, 2020

Ruby is married and having an affair with her boss, Harry. They keep this secret arrangement for a year until they both decide to leave their spouses.  Together, they select a date and location to begin their new lives. When that day arrives, Ruby goes to their hotel but Harry never shows up.  

Harry is not answering her phone calls and Ruby begins to panic. She no longer has a home and money is dwindling after losing her job. Tom is surprisingly understanding with kind words and offers her money. Ruby’s resolve doesn’t waver while she scrambles to find temporary work and a meager apartment. While she tries to put her life back together she develops a feeling of being watched and her job interviews are sabotaged. Ruby begins to suspect that her bad luck is connected to her affair.

The Closer You Get is the second novel that I have read by Mary Torjussen. This book is filled with betrayal, jealousy, scorned spouses, and desperation. I enjoyed the story with its fast pace and dual narrators.