The Prisoner’s Wife by Maggie Brookes


Release Date: May 26, 2020

Izzy works on the family farm with her mother during World War 2.  Their life in Czechoslovakia has been tough since her father and older brother joined the resistance leaving them unable to tend their crops. Izzy yearns to be with people her own age and dreams of a romance that she is unlikely to experience. She meets Bill, a British prisoner of war when he is assigned to work on her farm. Bill teaches her English and eventually they fall in love.  This unlikely couple secretly marries and they both worry that he will be reassigned. 

The newlyweds run away with the goal of joining Izzy’s father and the resistance. For safety measures, Izzy disguises herself as a man. Their plans are foiled when they are captured by Nazi soldiers and sent to a POW camp. Their living conditions are terrible and they are fearful that someone will discover Izzy’s identity.  With the end of the war in sight, these two prisoners are in a daily fight to survive.  

The Prisoner’s Wife was inspired by a true story. This story portrays love, spirit, and hope in the darkest of time. 


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