Tea By The Sea by Donna Hemans


Release Date: June 9, 2020

Plum Valentine is seventeen and has just given birth to a baby girl in Jamaica.  Her situation is complicated because the baby’s father, Lenworth, is twenty-five and her tutor. She has only been in Jamaica for a short time and was sent by her parents to finish high school. Lenworth abducts the baby from the hospital and vanishes.  Plum is crushed after losing her child and being abandoned by her lover.  

Back in Brooklyn, Plum slowly moves forward with her life but never gives up searching for her daughter.  Every year on her child’s birthday she wonders what significant milestone was stolen from her. She continually gets leads from a private investigator but none are successful. One afternoon while reading a local newspaper, she recognizes Lenworth’s face in a photo.  She quickly makes plans to confront him and take any steps needed to get her child home.

Tea By The Sea by Donna Hemans is a heartfelt and emotional journey of a  mother’s unending search. This story dramatically portrays the strength of  families and the unconditional bond between mother and child.


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