How The Penguins Saved Veronica by Hazel Prior


Release Date: June 16, 2020

Veronica McCreedy is in her mid-eighties and lives alone in Scotland. She has been divorced for many years and has not maintained any ties to her family. Her days are spent conversing with her small staff who tend to her personal needs while tending her home. She is lonely and isolated and often unpleasant.  Recently, she decided that it’s time to select a beneficiary for her sizable fortune.

Veronica has been spending her evenings watching a television series about penguins in Antarctica. She decides that this might be a worthy cause and has her staff contact the research facility.  A big sticking point is that she must visit the facilities prior to any donation. Veronica also discovers that she has a grandson named Patrick. She is disappointed when they meet because he lacks direction and uses recreational drugs. Patrick is equally unimpressed with his authoritarian grandmother.  While Veronica is in Antarctica, Patrick gets access to her personal journals and begins to unwind the mysteries of his roots.

How The Penguins Saved Veronica by Hazel Prior is about accepting the past and finding the resolve to move forward.  People often get stuck and lonely and are in need of a catalyst to make the necessary changes in their lives.