The Falling Woman by Richard Farrell


Release Date: June 23, 2020

Erin Geraghty is on a flight from Washington, DC to California to attend a retreat for cancer patients. She has grown tired of her battle with pancreatic cancer and knows that her days are limited.  Back at home are her grown children and a deteriorating marriage. While en route, the plane encounters turbulence over Kansas and explodes. Erin is the only survivor.

Charlie Radford is on his first assignment with the NTSB. He is sent to Kansas to identify the victims and help determine what caused the crash. The local news announces that a woman survived the crash and Charlie sets out to confirm her existence. At the same time, Erin goes into hiding to live out the remainder of her life alone. She does not want to put her family through the chaos of finding her alive and then losing her a few months later. It is up to Charlie to locate her before she drifts into solitude.

The Falling Woman is a debut novel by Richard Farrell. This is a fast-paced thought-provoking novel. I look forward to more works from this author in the future.