In Case Of Emergency by E.G. Scott


Release Date: August 4, 2020

Charlotte has had to reinvent her life after her career as a neurosurgeon ended with a tragedy. She turned her love for helping others into her acupuncture practice on Long Island with her best friend Rachel as her business partner. Charlotte’s most important support besides Rachel has been her trauma survivors group and her long-distance boyfriend Peter. But Peter’s mysterious job has forced their romance to be a secret, and when he suddenly goes silent, Charlotte doesn’t know what to do.

After weeks of no trace of Peter, Charlotte is called to ID a body.  Instead of finding Peter in the morgue, a woman she has never met is lying there. The Jane Doe was found with Charlotte’s name and number, leading to more questions than answers as Charlotte tries to find a connection to her. As the story unfolds, more mysteries arise and Detectives Wolcott and Silvestri turn to Charlotte as their prime suspect. 

In Case of Emergency by E.G. Scott is full of surprising twists and dark turns. It will keep you guessing until the end.