The Herd by Andrea Bartz


Release Date: March 24, 2020

The Herd is an elite, women-only coworking space in New York City created by beauty-mogul and businesswoman Eleanor Walsh. Her fellow Harvard classmates Hana and Mikki have helped Eleanor build The Herd as the place for New York women to apply for a membership that boasts empowerment and mentorship without the male gaze. Among the hopeful members is Hana’s younger sister Katie Bradley – who is returning to the city after caring for her ailing mother and having book research end in disaster in Michigan.

After a vandal mysteriously tagged all three Herd locations, Hana is uneasy as she prepares for an undisclosed announcement about The Herd’s future from Eleanor. On the night of the PR event, Eleanor is a no show and her friends begin to panic when they realize no has seen her since the day before. As theories about her disappearance begin to fly, Eleanor’s life comes under scrutiny and her closest friends become suspects.

The Herd is Andrea Bartz’s second novel. It’s a story full of suspense and unexpected revelation and will keep you guessing. This novel shows that your friends may not always be how they seem.