The Silent Conspiracy by L. C. Shaw

Release Date: September 15, 2020

Jack Logan works as an investigative reporter and his wife Taylor Parks as a television producer. Two years ago they worked together to expose a secret and powerful organization named ”The Institute”. They are both now settling into married life with their toddler son, Evan. 

Jack becomes has become intrigued by reports of numerous violent murder-suicides reported nationally in the news. He is drawn to the fact that in all the stories the individuals have had no previous violent behaviors in their past.  He sets off to interview some of the victims and their families. At the same time, Taylor is working on exposing an insurance company that is under fire for its questionable practices involving healthcare claims. Taylor and Jack soon find that their investigations have some common threads, and danger ensues.

The Silent Conspiracy by L.C. Shaw is a follow-up to her last novel ”The Network”. This book provides enough detail and backstory so that it can be read as a stand-alone. This book is a suspenseful thriller that packs a punch with evil characters, deception, and intrigue. 

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