Ladies Of The House by Lauren Edmondson

Release Date: Feb. 9, 2021

Media sparks flew when Senator Gregory Richardson was found dead of a heart attack with his twenty-seven-year-old mistress.  His wife Cricket along with his two daughters, Daisy and Wallis do their best to regroup in the aftermath but their lives will never be the same.  Their long time affiliations quickly evaporate, and they become unwelcome by friends in their social circles. They soon discover that their father left them in a precarious financial situation and are forced to sell the family home in Georgetown.

While trying to rebuild their lives, Daisy’s main concern is protecting her family and keeping them out of the public spotlight. When additional unsavory information is revealed about her father, she must make decisions on how to salvage what is left of her family name.

Ladies Of The House by Lauren Edmondson is an engaging modern retelling of Sense And Sensibility. This current take is refreshing as the women take matters into their own hands and forge a new path for themselves. I look forward to more works from this debut author.

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    1. Thanks for this review Suzy! I am adding this to my books to buy. I’m so glad to have read about it from your blog.


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