I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh

letyouThis book is a psychological thriller that starts with a hit and run car accident. A little boy dies at the scene, the driver does not stop, and the police cannot find the suspect

This story is mainly presented in two voices. Jenna, involved in the hit and run, leaves the town that the accident  took place in, and begins to start a new life. Jenna’s character feels very real as you read about her different emotions and struggles due to the secret she is carrying.  As she develops new friendships, this tragic event continues to haunt her. There is also the officer Ray Stevens, who is working on solving the case of the hit and run, while dealing with his own personal issues.

I have to be brief with this review as to not spoil the book.It has many twists and turns which kept me engaged.  It was not as predictable as many of the “thriller” books out there. It seems that there are so many to choose from!  This book will be available on Tuesday, May 3, 2016.