The Forever Summer by Jamie Brenner


Release Date: April 25, 2017

Marin Bishop’s life is in shambles. She is thirty years old and has just broken off her engagement because she is cheating on her fiance with a co-worker.  Cheating must be hereditary in the Bishop family because her parent’s marriage is also dissolving due to her father’s indiscretions. Complicating matters is an email from a twenty-two year old woman named Rachel, who claims to be her half sister. This revelation came after Marin innocently supplied DNA through a testing kit at work.

Rachel always wanted to know the history of her father’s family since her mother’s pregnancy was a result of a sperm donation.  The DNA testing provided her with enough information about her father to find her paternal grandmother.  She is excited about her discoveries and invites Marin to join her when she meets her new grandmother.  Marin must decide if Rachel is a hoax because the truth implies that her family is full of devastating secrets.

This book is about a family coming together for a summer under unique circumstances. The author does a wonderful job weaving some of the universal themes such as love, regret, and happiness. I enjoyed this heartfelt book by Jamie Brenner.

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