Indian Summer by Marcia Willett


Release Date: June 27, 2017

Retired actor Sir Mungo resides in the quiet countryside of Devon, England. He lives on a home on the estate owned by his brother Archie and his wife Camilla. This property was handed down by their parents disproportionately due to Mungo’s father being unhappy with Mungo’s career choices and lifestyle.  Archie and Camilla are facing financial issues and have started to take on tenants. Some of these tenants have interesting backgrounds and become intertwined in the story.   

One of Mungo’s oldest friend’s, Kit, is staying with him for the summer. Their friendship began when they were both starting their careers in the theatre. Over the years their relationship bloomed as they shared success and failures. Kit is seeking advice about a decision to reconnect with a long lost love. He is now a widower and for once the time seems right to restart their relationship.

The book is about friendships that survive the test of time. Sometimes the bonds between lifelong friends are deeper than family. I enjoyed this nicely paced book by Marcia Willett.


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