Among The Lesser Gods by Margo Catts


Release Date:  May 9, 2017

Elena Alvarez has lived a troubled life. She will never forgive herself for setting a fire that killed three people when she was ten. Shortly after this incident her mother left home and cut ties to the family. Elena is now graduating from college in Los Angeles and ready for a brighter future.  These plans are put on hold when she discovers that she is pregnant.

With her life in disarray, Elena goes to Colorado to stay with grandmother.  Her grandmother has provided the maternal role in her life since her mother’s abandonment. Elena finds temporary employment caring for a family that has recently lost their mother in a car accident. She is surprised that she is forming an attachment to the children who are eleven and five.   Elena uses these experiences along with her own issues with her mother to decide the future of her unborn child.

This is a story about growing up and learning from mistakes.  It also about practicing forgiveness for others and ourselves.  This is a debut novel by Margo Catts.



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