The Awkward Path To Getting Lucky by Summer Heacock


Release Date: July 25, 2017

Kat Carmichael has avoided having sex with her boyfriend Ryan for two years. She suffers from a condition called vaginismus which makes intimate relations painful. She has been skipping her therapy while focusing efforts on her successful cupcake business.

Kat decides to take her personal issues more seriously when her boyfriend hints about moving into her apartment.  A month before their anniversary, Kat decides to allow Ryan to see other people while she focuses on physical therapy.  She loves him but needs to understand her issues to become a better partner.  Kat is surprised at how much she changes emotionally and physically from her self discovery.

The author does a wonderful job of narrating an awkward situation faced by a young woman along with the complexity of relationships. The dialogue is humorous and engaging especially the interaction with co-workers. Summer Heacock’s next novel, Finder’s Fee will be released in July 2018.


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