It Takes One To Tango by Winifred M. Reilly


Release Date: April 4, 2017

Winifred Reilly is a family therapist who realizes that her own marriage is in decay. She decides that a major change is in order and proceeds to apply many of her own professional strategies towards salvaging her relationship. Winifred quickly realizes that the first step in improving her marriage is to revamp herself.

Each chapter describes special situations faced by her patients or revelations from her own marriage. Each crisis is dissected and the key themes are applied in her attempt to improve. This advice is summarized at the end of each chapter.

I found this book to be a sound portrayal of relationships and the struggles couples face seeking advice. While acknowledging the challenges of marriage, Winifred Reilly provides humor and honesty in her approach to the dilemma many adults struggle with today.



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