Ascension Of Larks by Rachel Linden


Release Date: June 20, 2017

Maggie Henry is a successful photographer but less accomplished at relationships. She is single and travels the world taking pictures in remote parts of the world. Maggie has not had time to develop friends due to her hectic schedule but remains in contact with her married college friends, Lena and Marco. Deep down she has repressed a longtime crush on Marco for almost a decade.

Maggie learns that Marco has drowned in a kayaking accident and rushes to Lena’s home to comfort her friend. She is forced to confront the divergent paths that each of their lives have taken since college. Lena was married with three kids living in the suburbs while Maggie remained alone to enhance her career.  Maggie has always been jealous that Marco chose Lena over herself while she was studying abroad. As she evaluates her current surroundings she begins to examine who has had the happier life. During her stay, secrets about Marco are quickly uncovered and she must decide what role she will take to help Lena and her family.

This book is about long term friendships and how they evolve over time. It is about changing perspectives and not getting stuck in our old identities. Rachel Linden’s next book, Becoming The Talbot Sisters, will be released in May 2018.


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