Something Like Happy by Eva Woods


Release Date: September 5, 2017

Polly is thirty five years old and is terminally ill. Doctors have informed her that she only has 100 days left to live.  Polly is determined to make the most of her remaining life and makes it a goal to find happiness every day.  She soon befriends Annie who is tending to her mother at the hospital. Polly is enthusiastic and bubbly, while Annie is introverted and cautious.

Annie is also thirty five and is feeling overwhelmed since her mother developed dementia. She currently works at an unfulfilling job with coworkers that she dislikes.  Annie has also lost touch with many friends after her divorce and is teetering on depression. Life seems as bleak as the dull apartment she shares with a random roommate. One day, Polly appears at Annie’s door step and recruits her to share her 100 days of happiness. Polly is determined to show Annie the value of simple living and a friendship develops.

Two former strangers learn from life’s imperfections and gain strength from each other. This story which should be sad develops into a moving adventure. This is a superb novel from Eva Woods.


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