The Talented Ribkins by Ladee Hubbard


Release Date: August 8, 2017

Johnny Ribkins has one week to come up with the money that he stole from his ruthless mob boss. He has been fortunate to make it to seventy- two years old,  but recent developments are putting future birthdays in peril. Johnny’s past is filled with crimes committed with his deceased half brother Franklin, and together they buried cash and jewelry all over the state of Florida.  Johnny meets his thirteen year old niece Eloise while stopping at one of his burial sites.  Circumstances push the two unlikely characters together and Eloise joins him on his task.  

Johnny reconnects with  “The Justice Committee”, a 1960’s civil rights group supported by the Ribkins family.  Group members have the gift of special powers which they used to their advantage. Johnny’s father could see unique colors while Franklin could scale walls and their cousin could belch fires. Johnnys’ skill is the ability to make maps of any location without the need to visit.  While completing his quest, Johnny draws on his skills while teaching Eloise about her own inherited abilities.

Interesting characters are introduced throughout the story, and Johnny obtains knowledge of his past from each of them. This is a debut novel from Ladee Hubbard.


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