Lie To Me by J.T. Ellison


Release Date: September 5, 2017

Sutton Montclair’s marriage to Ethan is teetering on the edge. They constantly argue about prior infidelities while their financial problems continue to grow.   It also doesn’t help that they are both authors with competitive streaks.  Sutton has not been herself since the death of their infant from SIDS. She is afraid to go out on her own, and often finds herself unloading her problems to friends.   

Ethan awakes one morning to find Sutton gone.  She has left a note note explaining that she needs time alone and that he shouldn’t look for her.  Ethan is worried because her personal items such as her pocketbook, laptop and phone are still in the house. It seems unlikely that his wife would leave so suddenly and he is worried about her safety.   

After the disappearance is reported, their friends are quick to blame Ethan. They have listened to Sutton complain about their volatile marriage along with Ethan’s poor behavior. With fingers being pointed in every direction, the lies and secrets unfold when the police begin to investigate.

This novel by J.T. Ellison is a fast paced mystery with plenty of twists and turns.   The perspective switches from husband to wife about half way through the story creating a unique way to reveal all the clues.