If There’s No Tomorrow by Jennifer L. Armentrout


Release Date: September 5, 2017

Lena Wise is starting her senior year of high school. She is an honor student who also plays varsity volleyball and works part time. Lena has a tight circle of girlfriends from school but her best friend is named Sebastian. He grew up next door and they have been been friends since childhood. The only troubling thing in her life is that she wants a romantic relationship with him. She is afraid to tell Sebastian how she feels fearing that his feelings are not mutual.

Sebastian plays football and is under pressure from his father to continue playing throughout college. Lena’s parents are divorced, and she has not been in touch with her father for years.  Their relationship develops into a trusted sounding board for each other’s problems.  Their friendship gets tested one evening when an error in judgement redefines their lives forever.

This is a Young Adult book written by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Having raised a pair of teens I could relate to this authentic depiction of the struggles of today’s youth as they progress towards adulthood.



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