Sugarplum Way by Debbie Mason


Release Date: October 31, 2017

Julie Landon runs a small bookstore in the Boston suburb of Harmony Harbor.  She is in her early thirties and loves to collect town gossip. Her customers embrace her sage advice and also seek her assistance as a matchmaker . In her free time, Julie also writes novels using material based on true stories from the locals.  She is forced to write under a pseudonym to protect the “real” identities of her characters. She has also woven into her novels some private matters about herself that would be embarrassing if revealed.  It seems that Julie can write books with happy endings, but her real life is less successful.

Aidan Gallagher grew up in Harmony Harbor and recently moved back to re-establish a relationship with his daughter. He previously left the town to lessen his grief after losing his mother and sister from a car accident. Initially, he finds Julie annoying and wishes she would mind her own business. He is irritated by her persistent meddling in his father’s love life. Despite his standoffishness, he finds himself in need of her advice and an unlikely friendship is formed.

This is the fourth book written in the Harmony Harbor series and it can read as a stand alone book. Debbie Mason writes a perfect book for the holiday season.  





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