WhiteOut by Ragnar Jonasson


Release Date: November 1, 2017

Ari Thor and his boss, Tomas, are police officers in charge of investigating the death of a young woman in Kálfshamrvik, Iceland. The body of a local woman named Asta was found beneath steep cliffs and the two must determine if it was an accident, suicide, or murder.  It is two days before Christmas, and both are under pressure to return to their homes for the holidays. Ari is troubled when he learns that Asta’s mother and sister both lost their lives in a similar fashion.

The investigation requires interviewing four people from the small village. Each person interviewed reveals secrets and insights to Asta and her family’s past. With strong alibis, Ari has problems narrowing down his list of suspects and establishing a motive. The more he delves into each person’s past,  the more he becomes convinced that they know more about Asta then they are revealing.

This crime book by Ragnar Jonasson is another addition to his Dark Island series. It can be read as a stand alone without issue. I enjoyed this chilling, fast paced book, which is available in multiple languages.