The Austen Escape by Katherine Reay


Release Date: November 7, 2017

Mary Davies is single and spends most of her time working as an electrical engineer. She has always put her career first and her love life has suffered.  Her latest project has been shelved by her new boss and she finds herself questioning her life choices.  While Mary is evaluating her situation, she receives a timely call from her childhood friend.  Isabel asks her to join her for two weeks in England where she will be completing her dissertation on Jane Austen. With her life in disarray Mary decides a change of scenery would be agreeable.

Mary and Isabel are required to dress in period appropriate attire while maintaining their roles at the Austen retreat. During their stay, Isabel gets unsettling news from her father and suffers a mini breakdown.  This all happens while they are in the Jane Austen environment, leaving her stuck in character. Mary has experience with Isabel’s breakdowns from their childhood and is able to provide support. Some secrets are revealed during her care and Mary is forced to reevaluate her future.

This book is a story about a long standing friendship with themes from various Jane Austen books running throughout it.  There is a nice mix of romance, historical fiction, and life’s daily challenges. This is the sixth book written by Katherine Reay.




3 thoughts on “The Austen Escape by Katherine Reay

  1. An Austen retreat sounds like fun (not that I’d want to stay in character for long!). From your description–that there’s a “nice mix of romance, historical fiction, and life’s daily challenges”–this novel sounds like a good one for me. I love Austen-related fiction, but I don’t like it when it focuses too heavily on romance. There has to be some romance for me, but I want other themes too. Great review!

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