The Chalk Man by C. J. Tudor


Release Date: January 9, 2018

Four teens find creative ways to entertain themselves in the summer of 1986. Chalk figures are the secret code that Eddie and his friends have come up with to communicate with each other. Detailed figures are drawn near their homes as a way to announce their plans. This method ensures them privacy from parents and the neighborhood bullies. One day a mysterious chalk message leads them to a disfigured body in the woods. It chills them to know that the murderer has been watching their activities.

Twenty years later Eddie receives a random chalk figure in the mail. It has been many years since he has connected with his childhood friends. He has tried his best to bury the painful memories of the unsolved murder. Eddie is not the only member of the crew to receive a chalk figure and this brings the friends back together. United, they try to solve the mystery of the notes and how they are connected to events from their past.

The Chalk Man is a debut novel by C.J. Tudor. This is a well-executed mystery with great characters and surprising twists and turns. I impatiently wait for future works from this author.

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