This Bright Beauty by Emily Cavanagh


Release Date: March 1, 2018

Francie and Lottie are identical twins but they could not be more different. Francie is married with twin girls and lives in Boston. Lottie is single and struggling with bipolar disorder in California. They were close as children but their relationship decayed over Lottie’s unpredictable behavior. Francie has tired of her caregiver role since her mother’s death. Lottie is inconsistent about taking her medication creating tension between the sisters.

Francie rushes to California after Lottie is involved in a bicycle accident. She is shocked to learn that her sister has an infant daughter. Francie puts her life on hold to help her sister and niece. During that time they start to repair their relationship and reveal secrets from their childhood.

This Bright Beauty examines the complexities of sibling relationships. Emily Cavanagh does a beautiful job of giving a sympathetic voice to mental illness. This is the second novel by the author. The author’s first novel, The Bloom Girls, was released in May 2017.

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