Hot Mess By Emily Belden


Release Date: March 20, 2018

Allie Simon prides herself on making sensible decisions and has maintained high standards for the first twenty- five years of her life. That streak of smart choices is about to end as she enters into a relationship with Benji Zane. Benji is an up and coming chef in Chicago with a long history of drug addiction.

Six months into their relationship, Benji is offered a job as the head chef at a new restaurant. For the project to get off the ground, he must make a $30,000 investment. With no savings or income, he turns to Allie for the money. The restaurant and her life become a mess when Benji relapses and disappears during the construction. Allie finds herself without a boyfriend or a chef and an ownership stake in a new restaurant. It’s time for her to learn from her mistakes while returning to her life of prudent decisions.

I enjoyed reading Hot Mess by Emily Belden. This book reminded me of my own experiences from my twenties when life was much simpler. This is a fun read filled with romance, drama and plenty of food.

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