Other People’s Houses By Abbi Waxman


Release Date: April 3, 2018

Do we really know what goes on behind the doors of our neighbors? Francis Bloom learns first hand when she interrupts her neighbor, Anne, having an affair. A forgotten art project leads to her bad timing and will cause a ripple effect on many lives. Francis earned her nickname “St. Francis” for being the reliable neighbor who drives everyone’s children to school and she is quick to help in an emergency. After her shocking revelation, she is left to wonder if this is an isolated case or the norm for her friends.

The balance of the neighborhood is then thrown off balance when Anne’s husband finds out about her affair. The neighbors all witness the aftermath of their split and everyone begins to question their own relationships. Can a marriage be repaired after a breach of trust?

Abbi Hoffman’s novel inspects marriage, child-rearing, and mundane tasks with a touch of humor. I loved that she weaved Lily from her book The Garden Of Small Beginnings into the story. Other People’s Houses is a refreshing and honest view of life.

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